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Volunteering Role Description

Volunteering is an ideal way to become involved in the day-to-day work of Ocean Studios. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn about art and mix with artists and gain access to workshops and classes. You’ll be part of a team and help to make Ocean Studios an even friendlier and more interesting place for our visitors. As a volunteer for Ocean Studios you can help us to achieve our mission by becoming a link between the visiting public and the exhibitions. For younger volunteers it is a great opportunity to gain some work experience and a good addition to a CV. Alternatively, if you are an artist with specialist expertise you can volunteer to assist in the specialist workshops.There will be a time bank system where credits can be earned through volunteering hours and exchanged for time in the workshop or project space for those who have been inducted or to join classes where there are spaces available. We regret that we are unable to fund expenses or accommodation for our volunteers. Each volunteer placement is subject to a trial period of one month.

Potential Areas in which you can volunteer


Supporting staff at the reception desk
Assist both customers in the shop and people visiting the gallery
Answer general visitor enquiries
Ensure relevant information leaflets are available
Be aware of disability and access requirements
Accompany less able visitors during their visit
Set up hearing loops when requested
Maintain the workshop booking system
Help with the booking system (Courses, Workshops, etc).
Arrange taxi service for short courses
Take bookings for the meeting room
Sell electricity cards to residents
Keep the public areas tidy
Liaise with Ocean Studios staff
Any other duties required by volunteer supervisor



Ensure that the security of art works are not compromised
Provide visitors with information about the exhibition
Provide visitors with information about future events
Be aware of disability and access requirements
Encourage visitors to complete feedback forms
Assist people visiting the gallery
Accompany less able visitors during their visit
NB the invigilator role may require long periods of standing.


Assist in organising events and exhibitionsHelp with set up of exhibitions
Help with take down of exhibitions
Support staff with private view receptions

Technician Volunteering Duties

Supervise the workshops
Clean equipmentReport any faulty equipment
Carry out inductions
Assist with artists inductionsMonitor and report faulty equipment

Key skills/attributes required

Polite confident and pleasant manner
Ability to speak to people from all backgrounds
Good sense of humour
Awareness of Health and Safety issues
Honest and hard-working nature



Frequently Asked Questions (Volunteers Centre Information)


When and for how long am I available?

Volunteering can be very flexible and fit around the things you already do. However, some volunteer roles need you to be available certain days and times or may ask you to commit for a period of time. Be realistic about how much time you are willing to give.


What would I enjoy doing?

Volunteering is about giving your time for free so you want to make sure that it’s a fun and worthwhile experience! Have a think about what type of activities you would enjoy, what groups of people (e.g. young people) or which cause (e.g. cancer research) you would prefer to support.


What kind of skills/ experience would I like to gain?

Often people chose to volunteer in order to get recent work experience or because they are looking for a change in career. If that’s your reason for volunteering take some time to consider which skills, experience or knowledge are really important for you to gain. This can help you in deciding whether a volunteering role is right for you.


I work full time – can I still volunteer?

Yes you can. Many volunteering opportunities happen in the evenings or weekends. You may also be interested in our Employer Supported Volunteering Project.


Will volunteering affect my benefits?

The simple answer is no. However, you need to be available to actively look for work if you are on Job Seekers Allowance.


What is a DBS check?

A DBS or Disclosure and Barring Service check is an official screening, whereby an organisation can find out whether you have any criminal convictions. Having a criminal conviction does not stop you from volunteering.


What happens once I have found a volunteering role I like?

Once you have found a role you’d like to do, you need to contact the charity or community group directly. There will be an application process, which can range from informal chats to filling in an application form.


What can I expect from an organisation I volunteer for?

As a volunteer, you should be treated with the same respect and given the support as any paid member of staff. 


Still unsure about something?

Email us at @  info@oceanstudios.org.uk