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Is there an option for sharing a studio?

There will be individual studios which can be single occupancy or shared with up to three artists, subject to our maximum occupancy

Are bills (electric, heating, water) included in the rental costs?

The rent includes lighting but there is an additional fee for use of heat and electricity for individual studios which can be paid for on a pre payed card.  There are no extra charges for utilities in communal areas, such as the kitchen and wash up areas.

 Are the units individual or open plan?

There is a combination of both individual and open plan areas. 

Do Artists supply their own furniture and equipment?

The studios will be unfurnished, therefore artists will have to supply their own furniture and equipment.  

What are the prices of studios?

Please enquire with fran@oceanstudios.org.uk 

I have been asked to be a reference for someone applying for a space in Ocean Studios. What do I have to include in the reference?

As of yet, we do not need references. We only need contact details.


If you have any further questions please contact fran@oceanstudios.org.uk