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Surrealist Women

Surrealist Women
28th October 2017 - 28th October 2017
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"Joan Miró gave me some money one day and told me to get him some cigarettes. I gave it back and said if he wanted cigarettes, he could bloody well get them himself." - Leonora Carrington


Salvador Dali, Andre Breton, Man Ray, Rene Magritte are names at the forefront of Surrealism. Borne out of Dadaism following the First World War, the Surrealist movement has often been criticised for the way in which male artists channelled their creativity and desire through women. Female artists associated with the artist circle have often been relegated to the role of muse: a subject to be photographed, written about, and desired. As Surrealist poet Paul Eluard describes Her: ‘She has the contour of my fingers, She has the colour of my eyes, She sinks into my shadow, Like a pebble against the sky.’

Yet women were autonomous, creative, and prolific. Slowly – but surely – the importance of both their contribution and individual merit is being recognised. Artists such as Lee Miller, Eileen, Leonora Carrington, Claude Cahun, for example have all recently been the focus of new publications and exhibitions. Join Dr Felicity Gee for a talk about Leonora Carrington, a British-born Surrealist writer and artist who wove fantasy, alchemy, exile, childhood and cooking into her innovative and moving paintings and stories. Carrington created worlds that invoke both cruel and wonderful aspects of life in Britain, France and Mexico, surreal yet complexly charged with politics and far ahead of their time. Within her work, Carrington inverts gender roles, upsets human order with animals, and even makes elderly women the rulers of the world.


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