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Turning Points - Resident artist exhibition

Turning Points - Resident artist exhibition
11th March 2017 - 31st March 2017
Ocean Studios Exhibition Space




ARTISTS: Sue Lewry, Fi Smart, Shayne House, David Hilton, Nathan Gale, Carly Seller. 

Turning Points is an exhibition showcasing the diverse practices of resident artists and new developments at Ocean Studios. The show explores our wide network of artists ranging from photography to ceramics, graphic design to painting.  


Creative Sessions - 2 colour wood cut and lino cards to take home with Sue Lewry. 

10th March 1-4 Fri

19th March 1-4 Sun

30th March 1-4 Thurs




Carly Seller is an artist working with photography, alternative photographic processes, found objects and moving image. She was recently awarded an MA Photography and the Land with distinction from Plymouth University and is currently an EMERGE resident at Ocean Studios having received a graduate studio bursary from Plymouth University. Her practice considers how we experience the world and the nature of our experience, formed by walking, gathering and observing in a process-driven manner informed by a deep interest in eastern philosophies.


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Intercity is a UK-based graphic design studio with a network of collaborators from the worlds of art, design, illustration, photography, digital media and beyond. Intercity applies its highly creative and considered approach across a range of areas including editorial, branding, music, fashion and advertising. In addition to graphic design, the studio also specialises in curatorial and art-based work, including live art projects.
Originally founded by three friends in 2004, Intercity currently consists of remaining founder and creative director Nathan Gale, creative director William Hibberd and designer Trystan Thompson. The trio work together across two studios based in the South West of England.


Shayne House is a Multidisciplinary Artist & Communication Designer.
He is Creative Director of Shayne House Studio, where he divides his time between commercial commissions and his creative practice.
Shayne works across arts and culture, charity and commercial and for a diverse range of clients such as The Eden Project, Unilever, The BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and The Metro to name a few. 


We are surrounded by ceramics and storybooks yet they don’t often come together. Finding a way to make pictures on pots so that the pot not only tells an entire story but that its shape enhances the story rather than being merely incidental, is a huge and inviting challenge. Pictures on a pot have added qualities. They can be applied in many layers each being fired to create an eerie illusion of depth in the thin surface layer. They are also a welcome rest for eyes used to looking at images on the flat screen and the tactile nature of illustrated stories across pots gives an added richness – the pictures can be read with the fingers.
As to my subject matter, it's the endless thoughts and observations that I have passing through life, from the way that we deal with our relationships with elderly parents to pavement detritus, all of which can be woven into stories.  


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My painting is about:
A yearning on a sunny day to be somewhere beautiful, or the pleasure on a rainy day to be inside and dry. The laughter of a person being h
appy. A shout from a child being curious. A lifetime of things that come along and are particular within an infinite possibility of other things. Certainties, in the mists of uncertainty, intensive dreams and waking to hope and light.
The profound intrigue of being alive and wondering.
Painting is also a trip. Not a psycho-drug induced or traffic jammed fossil foot-printing excursion, rather a mental and physical adventure in front ofa canvas. Perhaps it is a self-examination of some kind of integrity, as each mannerism has the potential to belie clichéd and received ideas. At best the ideas emerge with the process of making, as half glimpsed places spaces and fleeting moments become fixable traces of the act of doing it in colour and form.
It is also about windows and frames, the city and the sea, the sky and landscape, about living on a spit of land, the dock, the embarkation, the prospect, some history perhaps, a memory of space in blue as the seasons come and go.


Born in Hampshire, 1976. Sue now lives in Plymouth with her husband and two children, she works as a graphic designer and printmaker in her studio at Ocean Studios in the historic Royal William Yard.
Her visual style is experimental and continually evolving, it is a melting pot of digital imagery and handcrafted print material. Sue’s work contains distinctive graphic characteristics inspired by her work as a graphic designer and her interdisciplinary approach combines techniques in printmaking, collage, photography, moving image, laser-cutting and digital design.
Back in 2013 Sue decided to return to higher education to discover new creative
possibilities as an image-maker and to engage with the creative community in the
Southwest. She went on to achieve a first class BA honours in Graphic Design and
was awarded ‘Best of Show’ at Plymouth College of Art and at D&AD New Blood
Festival, London 2015.