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Louise Courtnell

Louise Courtnell
10th April 2016 - 10th April 2016
Ist Floor Events Space, Ocean Studios

Lenkiewicz-trained painter Louise Courtnell will give a demonstration of self-portrait technique, explaining Lenkiewicz’s method for creating the illusion of three dimensions using tones, or shades of light and dark.

Louise Courtnell is a full-time artist living on the Rame Peninsula. She met Robert Lenkiewicz in 1987 when he became her mentor and teacher. There followed an intensive two year ‘apprenticeship’ in painting, which concentrated on the understanding of tone.

Her work is figurative and includes landscape and still-life, whilst retaining a particular passion for portraiture. She has been a regular exhibitor at the National Portrait Gallery, (BP Portrait Award) and received commissions to paint Dr Rowan Williams (2002), and Robert, Earl of Edgcumbe (2008).

She has run a class in Kingsand, following Lenkiewicz’s approach to painting, for 17 years.

She reveres the late self-portraits of Rembrandt, which she considers to be the greatest and most moving paintings ever made, and which remind us of our own mortality. These have inspired her to do a series of self-portraits throughout her career, thus offering an ideal opportunity to carefully observe the subtleties of the human face. In her work she is striving for subtlety of colour and a certain sense of poetry.

On Sunday April 10th Courtnell will be giving a tonal demonstration of a self-portrait and explaining Robert Lenkiewicz’s method of painting ‘the Shape of the Shape’, and ‘the Tone of the Tone’. What is tone? Robert simplified it by describing it as ‘The lights and the darks’. Every colour has a tone. Blue will always be darker than yellow. One can only hope to give the illusion of a 3D image on a 2D surface if one understands tone and can feel the relationship between things. It is a conceptual approach, well understood by the masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Velazquez and which is as relevant to abstract and private language painting as it is to figurative art. To quote Robert, it gives ‘knowledge on the end of one’s brush, instead of merely hope’!

‘Let every mark be a thought, and every thought a clear one’.  R.O. Lenkiewicz.

Louise Courtnell will be happy to answer questions following the demonstration.

For tickets please email  info@lenkiewiczfoundation.org