Ocean Studios Forum

Plymouth Art Weekender 2018

Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise Workshops

Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise Workshops
30th September 2018 - 30th September 2018
Ocean Studios

Open Workshop, 11.00-12.30: Exploring the philosophy of materialism across time via the two texts relating to the performance – De Rerum Natura (‘On the Nature of Things’, Lucretius, c. 99BC – 55BC) and Kairós, Alma Venus, Multitudo (Negri, 1999). We will be exploring the ideas behind the texts, as well as developing experimental live readings. Open Workshop, 2-3.30: Exploring the texts through an experimental approach to sound and music.&nbs...
Mono Printing Workshop
Ocean Studios | Open Studios
Deluge Exhibition

Deluge Exhibition
25th September 2018 - 21st October 2018
Gallery Space

'Deluge' is a multi-partnered interdisciplinary research project and exhibition that explores the consequences of 'a deluge of globalisation' by alluding to global contexts through a local lens. Globalisation and urbanisation are drivers of climate change. For the collaboration and exhibition with Fotonow in Plymouth, Ingham focuses on coal, copper, and the sea as interconnected objects that were instrumental in leading to global industrialisation as we know it today.  In...